Saturday, 25 April 2009

Crop Day

It was crop day today and a much needed one at that. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on my first week back at work. I did enjoy being out of the house alot more than usual. The next few weeks will be more settled as I get things in order and gradually move all the works stuff out of my home office into my new work office. I'll then have loads of space to put things away and be tidy in my crafting space, and more productive I hope! :) Anyway, have you got your sunglasses on because this is a bright one...

This is a windswept Jake and I from last week on the Isle of Wight. The one and only photo I have of us together that was actually in focus! DH is not good with cameras. I take the majority of my photos on manual but Paul can only do auto...well I say only.... it's more like pot luck really. His eyesight isn't good and he refuses to wear his glasses (how vain is he??) so he lives in his own little blurry world.... hence out of 15 photos on auto only 1 was in focus.... men eh!? lol

The page looks a bit oversaturated on blogger but in real life it's not so 'in your face'. I'll have a go at trying to calm it down later so you're not all blinded, but hope you like. Whilst at the crop today I received my pre-order of the lovely, lovely, gorgeous and lovely Martha Stewart punches! I have to say they are better than I imagined - the embossed detail with some of them is beautiful. I bought Flourish, Simple, Scallop, Embossing Zigzag and my favourite of all Embossed pretty! Off to play with them now. tfl and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Jo :)


Kate Lewis said...

Jo, this is such a fabulous page - you're such a talented scrapbooker, I wouldn't know where to start!!

Love the colours and the vibrancy of the page - I don't think it's too 'in your face' at all lol!

V jealous about your new punches, they sound fabby! Have fun with them!!! Hugs Kate xx

Steph said...

Another wonderful page Jo - you are an amazing scrapper! Has Hubby tried contact lenses? lol

How many Martha Stweart punches?!!! *JEALOUS* Can't wait to see what you do with them :)

Hugs, Steph xxx

Emma said...

Hi Jo,

He's a little scamp, what a great picture of you two. I love the page to.

Take care xx

Janet said...

Jo - I love this page - it is adorable. Jake is just too cute !! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Have fun with your punches.

Saxo Stamper said...

Lovely Jubley Jobe x