Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Something different

Last weekend I visited the Newbury Stamp Show with Julie & Helen. Had a fantastic time ooo'ing and aaaah'ing over lots of wonderful samples on each stand, and there were many. One of our first stops was a shop selling Penny Black stamps. O-M-Gosh, they were fabulous! We were so amazed I reckon we stayed there for well over half an hour - it was wonderful! Anyway it was where the bulk of my spending money went that One of the sets I bought was called 'Wonderful'. Cute little hedgehogs, how could I not resist. I've made a few things with them over the last two weeks but I haven't had the time to photograph - until today. Not that the light is very good in our conservatory late afternoon, but I did at least get this one which wasn't too bad. The rest have been ditched along with some other bits plus the DT Challenge for Stamp With Us for this coming week, so I'll have to have another go tomorrow morning before work. Anyway, the card....

...I love this one even if it does look like a blatant case off Bev We did stop and see Bev whilst at the show and she showed us how to make the flowers with the charms. Hence why this card may look so familiar to you. :) My dangly charm is a bit long so I know for next time to do it a fair bit shorter but hey ho...not the end of the world eh.

By the way the hedgehogs have been cut out and 3D'd onto this card. Not sure it shows up that well but if I can fiddle with another pic I have, and it's not too dark I'll edit this post to show you. Before I go, I also wanted to thank you all for the get well wishes when Jake was poorly. He was up and down with a temperature for 3 days in the end and he's only now getting back to his normal self. It was nothing serious though, just a nasty bug but it's always such a worry when they go downhill so quick. It's his 5th birthday next Monday, we're having his friends round for a Scooby Doo party on Sunday including a bouncy castle. It's going to be bedlum so wish me luck! Tfl and see ya soon! Jo :)


Lynne K said...

Great card, Jo. Lovely fresh colours, and those hedgehogs are just so cute! I've always said I don't do cute, but I think I'm slowly being converted!

Emma said...

Yeh a 5 year old's party (just had mine in April) - always fun ;D Happy birthday to Jake though - I am sure he will have the best time.

Your card is so pretty Jo and I love the colours - so fresh. The charm is really sweet too, espcially on the dangler :D

Linda said...

This card is beautiful Jo and I don't blame you spending so much time and money with the Penny Black stamps - they are just so adorable.

Glad to hear that Jake is well again - hope you are keeping well too.

Helen said...

Hi Jo, I love the card, Hedgehogs are always such cute characters. Glad to hear Jake is on the mend, hope all goes well for the party.

Anne Jagger said...

It's gorgeous Jo. Hope Sunday goes well. Have an early night on Saturday! LOL. Love Anne x

Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jobe

Oh, so lovely, the card that is and also having you back ! !

Lou has some penny black stamps which are also very cute.

Glad to hear Jake is better.

love K x