Monday, 19 September 2011


I must give a HUGE apology for no updates this week. My computer crashed on Thursday evening and whilst trying to restore, which is was I thought was the right thing to do, I lost all my photos, documents, pdf's and spreadsheets. Absolutely everything disappeard. To say I was in a bit of a state on Friday was an understatement. Anyway my very clever hubby has managed to find them. He wasn't hopefully but they're there..phew! The only problem is there are duplications, up to 8 times now on the hardrive and I've 495,000 photos to sift through one by one, only saving what I need. It's going to be a long drawn out process but the fact that they are still there is such a relief. Of course the moral of the story is to ALWAYS backup. I learnt my lesson the hard way, please, please do what you can to make sure your files are safe.

What I now have to do is get a card reader for my laptop so I can at least take photos to upload here and I've loads to show you too!

Again I'm sorry for the delay with the instructions. They will definately be up this week!

See you soon,



Victoria said...

yey - so glad you'venot lost everything Jo

Timeless Expressions said...

Must admit... I didn't back up until my lappy died a while ago and I lost everything! Then I still didn't back up until my second one had to be returned to the shop because it woulnd't work... so yes, I always try to remember to back up now! Saves the sanity when something goes wrong.. lol..

Glad that you're able to find your files.. have fun doing the sorting!
Jo xxx

Saxo Stamper said...

oh bummer Jobe, very distressing all round, hope you soon recover it all

k x

Margaret said...

Thought you'd gone AWOL Jo! Glad you've got your computer sorted, I would be devastated if I lost all my photos
Margaret x

Dawn said...

Oh no you poor thing! computer's are great when they behave. Glad your hubby managed to save things for you even if multiple copies, although I don't envy you sifting that many photo's. Keep smiling Dawn x

Ms said...

oh dear.... that reminds me of the old say... to err is human and to really mess it up is a computer!
Good luck with the photo's