Friday, 30 April 2010

Missing Mojo

Don't you just hate it when your mojo ups and leaves with no warning? It's a total blank from me just now - hope it comes back soon, I'm in need a something to get over the past two stressful weeks at work. I won't bore you with too much of the details but if I mention banks and utitilies I'm sure you'll appreciate how frustrating these necessities in life can be and how difficult they make our lives when they can't do the most simple of tasks resulting in hours on the phone and time wasted. Grrr... Anyway, sorry for that little rant. So one measley little card to show today. Very quick and simple using the Funky Forest wheel and Sweet Pea papers.

We were supposed to be going away for the weekend to the Isle of Wight. Pesky weather has put a stop to that now as the wind and rain will be coming in over the next few days. And it's been so lovely over the last few weeks too. I'm disappointed to say the least, we're all in need of a break but hopefully we can make the most of it at home.

Have a great weekend though whatever you're doing!


simplyfairies said...

well it can't be very far Jo, This is mega cute!!... awww shame about your break, I love the IOW....

Emma said...

Awh Jo I am so sorry about the pants time you've had and that you are not able to go away. Hopefully you will be sunning yourself and be relaxing very soon.

I was only thinking of you yesterday as I needed something classy to make for my Mum's birthday and your beautiful desktop card holder popped into my head - thank you so much it is so pretty.

If this is what you can do when your mojo is gone - god help us all. It is FAB - let us in on the secret of how you got that wheel to do you a brown trunk ;D

Take care :D

Emma x

Jamie said...

Hope you get your Mojo back soon! I just hate it when that happens! Love your blog btw x

Deezines Art said...

Poor you - what a disappointment. Don't be too downhearted though - I don't think your mojo has left you at all, that is a gorgeous card - very clean and simple but so elegant. Take care - Jacqueline xx.

Jill said...

Shame about the Isle of Wight trip - maybe it might be a good summer!!! Now think straight! Where did you see your mojo last? I have had a look around here and can't see it, so you're on your own!!! Have a good weekend no matter what you are doing. Jill x

Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Jo, I've been waiting anxiously for another stunning creation, as I really enjoy your cards. Sorry to hear that the mojo has gone on a walkabout, but you would never say it as this card is delightful. Sorry the weather has put a top to a perfect weekend, but I'm sure you'll have a good one at Crafty hugs, Sharon

Sharon said...

This is lovely. How did you get the two colours on the roller?

Jane said...

Jo,I just love the simplicity of your card.

I can sympathize with does the weather know it's a Bank Holiday? It's a real happens to be my weekend off too!
Have a good one anyway

Mandi said...

Aww its so sunny here today! what a shame bit windy though

Hope you still manage to do something lovely

mandi xx
ps super card!

Lesley said...

Is it hiding in the cupboard? Hope it comes out of hiding soon.
Lovely little card though.
Lesley x

Julie said...

That is a shame you couldn't get away, I know you said on Wednesday that you were looking forward to it.
I don't think your mojo went away, you always do lovely work, but too much stress at work I know from myself is the downside. Getting time to yourself is the main thing, you can always come and play here with me like last week with the brayering!!!! xx