Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vienna - Day #1

For our first full day in Vienna we were taken to Schonbrunn Palace. It was absolutely breath taking - so perfect it looked almost unreal.
We had a guided tour round part of the palace but unfortunately we weren't able to take any photographs. Something I didn't realise, camera flash destroys the paintings so you'll have to trust me when I say it was stunning and very interesting.
We then walked to our next activity which was Apple Strudel making!
Whilst we waited for everyone to join us were served with a delicious light lunch buffet and refreshments. Then we donned our aprons and hats ready for action.
Here's Julie and I...
....Shelli & Sterling...
...Jules & Robin...

....even Frank took part!
This was my finished Apple Strudel before it was baked - not looking too healthy is it.
We then had to carry our Strudels to be packed for baking and presented with our diploma's in Apple Strudel making.

Julie looking very demure.
then me..what on earth was I doing??
And my baked Strudel which we collected later on, still not looking very healthy but it tasted ok.
I loved the group activity,  everyone laughed and enjoyed the experience to the full.

We then headed back to the palace for a wonder round the gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace. It was a very hot day so we all took it rather slowly heading toward the fountains for a cool breeze.

Gorgeous photo of Michelle.

And then it was back on the coach to the hotel for a free afternoon.

After spinning the wheel for prizes in the hospitality Suite I went out for a run. I'm training for a 5k run at the moment for the Race for Life this coming weekend and I didn't want to stop the training so off I went, headphones in on the streets of Vienna heading to the Stadpark which was about a 5 minute walk away. Stadtpark was beautiful too, very busy with people enjoying the sunshine sunbathing, swinging in hammocks and kids enjoying playing in the water. I ran 3 times round the park and who should I find on my travels?? Johann Strauss!

Then it was back to the hotel for a shower and get ready for an evening meal with the rest of the UK achievers and their partners for a traditional Austrian meal of Shnitzel.

And our 2nd night pillow gift was a something very different
An oven glove and tea towel made with the Twitterpated Fabric. Just for show though.

More adventures to come....

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Angélique said...

Wow!! Fab trip it sure was :)
Have been there a couple of years ago and just loooooooved Schönnbrunn. When I was on the stairs in the garden, I just felt a princess, without my princessdress though ;)
Glad you've enjoyed it as well.