Monday, 18 June 2012

Vienna Incentive Trip 2012

I've just returned from the European Incentive Trip to Vienna and oh my word, what an amazing time I've had! The trip last year to Prague was fantastic but this year, well, lets just say Stampin' Up! certainly do know how to treat everyone like royalty. I took hundreds of photos of the trip, some I'll show you over the next few days so just to warn you, these posts could be a bit photo heavy.

This year were we able to take a partner with us to share the experience and as my husband doesn't fly, I took my very good friend and team member Julie. Our journey started early last Wednesday morning at Heathrow Airport to Vienna. We were on the same flight as Michelle Last and her husband Simon and from the airport we were transported to the Grand Hotel Wein.
We checked in...
and wheeled our heavy suitcases off to our room which was absolutely beautiful..

There was a tiny balcony with a view onto the main Kartnerring at the front of the hotel.
We then headed off to the Hospitality Suite to find everyone. Love this place. We get to spin the wheel for prizes, have a drink and chat as well as munch on an abundance of sweets.
It was pretty packed and very noisy with approx 60 people in there so not many photos but here's a lovely photo of our Jules and KelleeSue who organises these trips with the other Kelly.
Then it was back to our rooms to get ready for our Welcome Dinner at the Ciel Restaurant on the 7th floor of the hotel.

We were greeted with Strawberry Cocktails and Canopes and we were able to stand out on the open terrace for some fresh air in the warm evening sun.

From left to right there's Natalie, Jules and Me.

Posh as you like with flowers on the canopes.
Then inside to the restaurant for our 6 course meal.

This is such a natural photo of Paula our country Business Development Manager.
And of course there was Shelli
Michelle & Simon with our own Mini Mouse, Vic.
And here she is with Natalie.

And if that was enough excitement for one day, back to our rooms to find a fabulous pillow gift!

Love this beautiful bag which matched the purse we'd received with all our Vienna Trip information back in May.

I've so many photos that Julie and I took (1228) it's been really hard to choose which ones to show, but I'll be back in the next few days with the next batch and what we got up to our first full day of the trip.

See ya soon!


Love from Poppy said...

Wow Jo your trip looks like so much fun. Its lovely to see these events. What a beautiful pillow gift too!

craftpassions said...

That was a lovely start to our first day Jo - boy did we honestly take 1200 photos between us? I don't think you got the last day of mine either! x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

WOW - looks like you all had a fabulous time xxx

Sharon said...

Keep the pics coming Jo. I am so enjoying looking at them. Everything looks so fabulous. So pleased you had a good time. hugs from afar x

Victoria said...

fab photos Jo! Love your balcony, I think I may be having a jealousy attack. I cannot believe my room wasn't equipped with one of those lol.

Love the pics of you both arriving and checking in


Minty Magic said...

Wow looks amazing! And so do you too Jo! A right skinny minny!

Zoë said...

OMG I thought I took a lot of pics but over 1200 is awesome. It was so good to be with you and Julie. What fun we had! Zx