Tuesday, 20 January 2009

RAK from Kate

Today I woke up feeling absolutely terrible... my nose was blocked, sinuses were killing me, I had a headache and my body ached all over. So once I got Jake ready for school and safely on his way I went straight back to bed. I woke again at 1pm! eek! I can't say I felt any better but you know us women....soldier on regardless. Anyway once up I realised I'd had a parcel delivered.....an unexpected parcel at that which made it even more exciting. And what was in my parcel? Well... it was some beautiful Papertrey Ink cardstock, patterned papers and ribbon sent from the most fabulously wonderful, generous and kind Kate, along with this very beautiful handmade card. I can tell you it was the best medicine I could have received today - much better than lemsip!

I've been stroking this all afternoon so thank you Kate, you're the best!! Please go visit Kate's blog 'Yours Truly', she's such a talented crafter. Kate if you're reading this, thank you so much and it's great to have you back blogging again. x

Right, early night for me - gotta get rid of this pesky cold so I can get back to crafting.

Oh and one last thing, Bri posted a comment on yesterdays post about how to get the frog sitting on top of the toadstool so I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how it's done. I'm sure there's someone out there in blog land that has already done this many time before but I'm going to have a go anyway so stay tuned.

See you all soon,

Jo :)


Bekka said...

What a lovely gift :-) What a sweetie Kate is

Enjoy the gift and I hope you feel better soon

Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jobe1

Hope you soon feel better - poor you, you should have stayed in bed all day!! Get well soon friend and lovely stash from Kate

x x x

Kate Lewis said...

Aw, thanks Jo! It was my pleasure! I'm so glad it made you feel better - I hope you enjoy playing with it all, isn't that polka dot ribbon the yummiest?!! I think Aqua Mist is my all time favourite colour! (oops, sorry SU!)

Hope you feel better very soon, hugs Kate xx

Steph said...

Kate really is such a sweetie - you lucky thing, all those gorgeous goodies! Hope you feel better soon xx

Janet Bagnall said...

What a great gift Kate sent you and the card she sent is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with it all !!