Thursday, 28 January 2010

Stampin'Up! Extravaganza

Jenny and I are full steam ahead with our preparations for the Extravaganza we're holding this Saturday. It feels like we've been planning and sorting this for months and now it's almost here, I'm excited and nervous at the same time! My camera battery's fully charged so I just hope I get chance to take some photos as it's going to be jammed packed with fun! Watch out next week to hear all about it.
Jo :)


Jo said...

Good luck with your event Jo (and Jenny) I hope everything goes well for you!!

Jo xx


Break a leg girlies and have fun !!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it went xx

Janette said...

Hi Jo,

What an amzing day this was.Thanks to you and Jenny and both your mums....all the hard work you all did was A-MA-ZING
I loved it ALL......
Cant wait until the next one !!!!!

Val said...

Hi Jo, thanks for a brill day you both did absoloutely fab cant wait for next one xxx