Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rudolph's Spares

I have to confess I'm not exactly a 'recycling' person but when it comes to crafting I do hoard lots of containers and things that 'may' come in useful some day.

I've been collecting these pots from SU! which had brads, buttons & clips etc. in and they've been mounting up in a draw. Until now that is, they're now...... Rudolph's Spares! I've used Sparkly & Bright again for Rudolph and added a bit of Dazzling Diamonds to his cute!

It wasn't that easy sourcing red sweets that looked like noses but eventually I found Very Cherry Jelly Belly. A bit pricey but they sure do taste good!

Aplogies for the naff photography today - these were taken at 3.30pm this afternoon and I had to have the lights on. I think a flash gun may have to be added to my Christmas list to get rid of the awful yellow ting...fingers crossed.

And for Debbie that asked to see a piccie of my Blue and Cream Snowmen, here you are.... I forgot to mention yesterday that the 'big boys' are printed onto shimmery cardstock and they look very cool!! ('scuse the pun.)

Lastly, Amy asked me what settings I used when printing these out? I printed them from Powerpoint which ment I could resize the images however I liked. Kerry has done a further download here which might be a better one to use.

Bet you can't believe I've made 3 posts in 3 days....neither can I!! lol

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon,


Alex said...

I'm glad I'm not the only hoarder! lol. These are fabulous and make great little gifts and stocking fillers Jo.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

Mandy said...

Hi Jo, loving your Christmas projects! I can't wait to have a go at making the snowmen, the children at craft club will love those. Just need to get some fleece fabric!

take care,

Justine said...

what a fab idea Jo! love it.

Sharon Keanly said...

Wonderful gifts Jo... wow, you are so creative! Fabulous work.