Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I'm gradually coming to the end of my Convention photos. This one was on our last day in Bad Homburg. Although Convention finished on the Saturday afternoon, we didn't have our flight till the Sunday evening so a group of us went sight seeing. From our hotel room Jen and I could see what we thought was a castle, it wasn't too far from the hotel and it was good to get be out in the fresh air dispite the fact it was raining. The 'castle' was a Schloss and you'll have to forgive me ignorance on this, on translation is means 'closed' so I've no idea what it actually was. The turret was in a courtyard of this beautiful house, I suppose you could say it was a bit like Repunzels tower.

It was fairly miserable weather, although you can't tell from the photos but after a lovely milky coffee and the best waffle I've ever tasted in my life - it melted in the mouth - I didn't really care what it was doing outside. lol Lastly here's a group photo of some of the lovely demos I was with. Unfortunately not everyone was in the photo.

From left to right is Jackie, Carolyn, Nikki, Jen, Me, Elaine, Annie & Jane.

It seems so long ago now, but if you're tempted by all the fun of Convention and the chance to turn a hobby into something bigger and experience everything and more that I have, then becoming a demonstrator could be for you. You can email me at jodumbleton@aol.co.uk and I'm more than happy to go through everything with no hard sales talk just an honest opinion. And for anyone that joins my team over the next 3 months, I have a little extra to offer. You can email me at jodumbleton@aol.co.uk and if you're local we can even arrange a get together. I love every minute of being a demonstrator and as well as all the benefits Stampin' Up! offer, the friendships and fun I've had is the best! After all there's nothing to lose and literally everything to gain!

Hope to be back with some of my own creations real soon.


Jo :)

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Saxo Stamper said...

Thanks for sharing Jo, looks like you had a smashing time

K x