Sunday, 15 November 2009

More Convention Swaps

Ok after a lot of fiddlin' around with blogger I've managed to get the slideshow working. I'm really sorry if I did swap with you and you don't see it in the slideshow (they took quite a time to photograph and upload) but I can assure you I loved every single one I received and they'll ALL be pride of place on my display boards.
Here's a few that stood out for me....
Maria Angie Dimenna
Unfortunately there was no name on this bag
ETA - Joanne pointed out to me that the name was inside the bag. Doh! I never thought to look. lol
Made by Anette Grunke
Andrea Meister
Ilona Kozok
A big thank you to everyone for such wonderful creations. Can't wait for next year now!


Jo :)


Sarah-Jane said...

Oooh, I don't think we got a chance to swap, but weren't there some lovely ones? we will never be short of inspiration again! I love the cupcake and the gift card one espesh too,
Hugs Sarah-Jane xxx

Stamps and Paper said...

Wow Jo what a lovely selection of cards......some lovely ideas.


Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jobe

There are some super talented people - what smashing work.

k x

Margaret de Witt said...

Again thank you so much for sharing all these fabulous convention creations. I absolutely love them Jo.

Joanne said...

Jo, the no name bag has the name on a piece of paper inside the bag - or at least my one does!

Moira said...

Hi Jo, I'm glad I've found your blog, I did look to see if there was a link on Jenny's blog after convention but stumbled on it by chance this morning. Nice to meet you and hopefully see you in London. X

Sharon said...

Jo thanks for sharing these photos and the slideshow. I really enjoyed looking at the variety of cards etc...x

SarahLP said...

Fabulous cards, Jo - thanks for sharing! Getting me all excited about convention this year.. and a little nervous about the swaps I need to do!