Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tincleton 2012

Last weekend I spent a crafty weekend back at Tincleton in the depths of Dorset with my wonderful friends Julie S, Anna, Ellen, Fleur, Ali, Julie A & Sue. Unfortunately there were a few unable to make it this time because of other commitments but hope they will be with us again in October. We usually go every year but we have such an fantastic time we felt we couldn't wait a year to go again. I'm very lucky to have these ladies as amazing friends and talk about laugh, well we didn't stop all weekend! It was self catering accomodation and we all mucked in with cooking etc. We ate far too much but hey, isn't that what these weekends are about??

Most of us are scrapbookers so we're keen to take good photos that we can scrap. Tincleton is the most beautiful place which used to be a farm. It has it's own small lake which honestly is the perfect country setting. Every time we go we always have perfect weather!

Anyway, this photo says it all for me. Great friends, fantastic company and a laugh a minute.
Rock on October when we shall do it all for the fourth time!

It's my MIL's birthday today so I'll be back later with the card I've made for her.

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britcanadagal said...

This reminds me of our bi-yearly Creative Escape retreat that we have here in Canada. It's so much fun.. these ladies are some of my bessie mates :) Glad you had fun & scrapped!