Monday, 9 November 2009

I'm back from Convention!

I'm back and what a fantastic time I've had! Honestly I don't know where to start but as it's late (only been back a few hours) here's a few photo's I took.

This first one is Jenny, Maria and myself at the bar on Thursday night.

Jenny with Chris from Demo Support.

A fantastic one of Maria and Chris together.

And this one I absolutely love of my very special friend Jules and I. Now this lady has worked amazingly hard over the last year and has so many awards I can't remember them all, but the most important one I would guess, is that she is the 2nd Top Demonstrator in the UK!!! Well done my fabulous friend up North, you so deserve it!

And of course Jenny also won numerous awards, the biggest being for Top Sales! Both these ladies are off to Monaco next June as their reward for such hard work and I'm green with envy!! lol

I've had such a blast over the last few days meeting so many fabulous Demo's, laughing and forming true friendships, I can't express enough how brilliant it's been. I will be posting more pictures over the week not just of people but of the amazing swaps I've received, so please pop back again soon.

Need some sleep now but tfl and see you tomorrow.

Jo :)


Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jobe, it sounds like you all had a truly fantastic time - wonderful photos, hope to hear more soon

K x

Stamping Moments said...

Hi Jo,

You will be on that stage next year, You WILL.

Huge Huge Thanks for such a great time, You were such wonderful company. Thanks alot,

Love & Hugs Jenny x

Anne Jagger said...

Glad you had a great time, you deserve it! Lovely photos.

juliejules said...

Awww Jo, you are a wonderful friend too, I just wish we could have had more time together! Thanks for your kind words, you little star! See you soon, JUles x

Lesley said...

Wow what a fantastic time you all had TFS.
Lesley x