Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Subscriptions seems to have reappeared - phew! Thank you to everyone that emailed or re-subscribed. Service back to normal now.

Whilst doing a bit of 'housekeeping' on my blog I've managed to unsubscribe all my email subscribers...eeek! Unfortunately I can't get them back so if you'd like to receive email updates of posts on my blog, please re-subscribe.

That's not such a good start to the New Year.

So sorry everyone and Happy New Year to you All!

Be back tomorrow with the New Mini Catalogue. 


Doreen said...

Don't think they were lost completely Jo, as when I subscribed again, as you requested, it said I was already subscribing to your blog ???? Technology is great when it works, but when something goes wrong ****** !!

Karen said...

Hi Jo - not sure you have got rid of all the email addy's as I got an email with this post in it!!!! I've re-subscribed "just in case" but will probably get everything twice!!! lol