Sunday, 19 February 2012

Simply Adorned

Have you seen the Simply Adorned Jewellery Range in the NEW Spring Mini?

I do like my jewellery but it tends to be the more expensive pieces that I wear for sentimental value. My MIL works in a jewellery shop and hubs is very good at choosing what I would like, so I don't really have much costume jewellery.

Anyway, I did buy the Simply Adorned Necklace, Large Charm and the Pink Crystal Bauble to see what they were like and I have to say I'm very impressed.

The idea is that the charms are easily opened like a locket and you can add your own piece of artwork/photo. When you get bored or want to change the insert to perhaps match a different outfit, you can. Such a simple concept and I absolutely love mine!

I've used 'Charming' to make this very simple insert which took me just a few minutes, if that. Tie a small piece of co-ordinating ribbon at the base of the chain, attach a bauble (missing from these photos) plus a Trinket Key and Bob's your Uncle, it's done! As you can see the front side has a bevelled window pane and the reverse is clear glass so your artwork can be decorated on both sides. There's room for a few crystals inside too

I went to see my Mum this aftie and she really liked mine. Good job too as it's Mother's Day in 4 weeks time!


Aileen said...

This looks lovely Jo. I don't think the catalogue does them justice.

I'm also thinking of this for my mother who's birthday is at the end of march.


Karen K said...

gorgeous Jobe, I think these will be really popular.

k x

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