Monday, 28 June 2010

Card Storage Tote Craft Day

Well I had another successful all day event yesterday which went like a dream! It was to make this fantastic Card Storage Tote designed by a very clever Australian Demo, Linda Moss.
You can purchase the instructions from Linda here.

Everyone was given a kit using the Cottage Wall Designer Papers so although some were different to the above, the colour combinations were the same. I'll be gutted when these gorgeous papers run out of stock. They're beautiful.

Everyone also made their own beads like these - really effective. Although it was absolutely sweltering outside we were nice and cool inside. I took my camera as I usually do to snap some shots but unfortunately I had a problem with the CF card which only allowed me to take 10 photos! It appears the CF card needed reformatting - something I've never done before (good job there were people in the know -thanks Helen). I didn't want to lose the photos I'd already taken so I only have a few to show you of the girls enjoying themselves....well at least they looked like they were! lol

Here's Julie and Fleur - my very good friends and crafting buddies....
... and Anna too... ...and Julie..... ...and a group shot.

(left to right - Sue, Fleur, Julie, Nicky, Alyson, Anna and Julie at the front.)

It was at this point my camera wouldn't work anymore so I'm really sorry to the other ladies that attended and aren't shown. I'll get you next time! lol Once again I'd like to thank everyone for coming along and making it a success for me. I shall be having another Craft Day like this in September - the date will be confirmed shortly and if you'd like more information on classes and events like these then please email me at I don't always put everything on my blog so if you're localish, or would you'd like me to travel to you, and you'd like a specific class or workshop please get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Julie told me you had a great day and I am sorry that I had to miss it, the colours on hers were beautiful with those limes and purples.
She loved it and said the buffet was lovely yet again. She taught me how to do the beads which were great fun and I made a necklace for Phoebe with the ones I made. See you in a few weeks xx

Pam said...

looks like everyone had a fab day. We made this project a few months ago I one in ein black and cream but I like the summery feel to yours. Pamx