Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

It's all been a bit quiet here over the last week and that's because I've been away with my boys re-charging my batteries. After last Sunday's Holt Hoot! we left for Legoland first thing on Monday morning literally throwing a few clothes in a bag, transporting Chaz off to my mum's and away we went. I left the house looking like we'd been burgled! We had a 2 day pass at Legoland so we stayed over at a gorgeous Hotel nearby for a couple of nights and returned on Wednesday evening. I would like to say at this point that I was feeling back to myself but oh no...2 days at Legoland and I was even more exhausted! It was an experience without a doubt... Since I've been back I've stayed in the holiday mood and caught up with sleep and family time finishing off today with an Easter Egg Hunt this morning, a lovely walk on the beach, a relaxing drink at the Marina and then home for a fantastic buffet at my MIL's...heaven! Anyway, back to crafting. Would you like to see another of the projects we made last week at the Holt Hoot!? Love, love, LOVE these super cute treat boxes!! The projects weren't all with the Owl Punch and being so close to Easter I really wanted to make something Eastery. These treat boxes were inspired from something I saw on Maria's blog which was a name place she'd made. When I saw them a treat box immediately sprang to mind. Everyone made both of these boxes along with a basket which I will share over the next few days. The pictures I took of it are pretty poor so I'll get some better ones taken tomorrow and I'll also show you the Owl project. Right, more catching up to do. Enjoy the rest of your Easter! Jo :)


Rosemary said...

So cute looking forward to learning how to make them.

Kim Score said...

these turned out very cute. They are from my Easter punch art tutorial here:

Janet said...

Jo, these are great - I love the ducky. I told Patrick that you took your boys to Legoland and he slumped and said, oh, man I want to go :) He is a huge lego boy and wants to go so bad; luckily, they are building one in Florida, so hopefully we'll get there soon.

Talk soon