Monday, 21 November 2011

My Roomies

My roomies at Convention were Jules from 'up north' and Sarah-Jane. We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge Hotel, where most of the european Demonstrators were and it was wonderful! We had lots of laughs in the room - how could we not with Jules with us!
I'm very proud of Jules. Over the last few years we've become very good friends - phone calls most days, she boots me up the backside when I've needed it, Jake and I've been to visit her and her family in the summer, and she's just brilliant. Not only that she is a very successful Demo, talented dancer and actress and as we all heard during Convention, an amazing singer too.

Jules recieved many awards and recognition over the weekend and I am chuffed to bits for her for being #3 in the UK.

Love ya Jules!

I was even lucky enough to join her on stage 5 times too with my own awards and recognition. I received an award for Sales, Recruting and Leadership, along with recognition for being #10 Demonstrator of the Year, and earning the prestigious Incentive Trip to Vienna next year.

Thank you to all my customers and team members for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to 'Love what I do and share what I love'

Cheesy maybe, but it's sooo true.

Be back later with our roomie gifts.


Saxo Stamper said...

Hi Jobe

Having watched you grow and develop your business right from day one I have seen you turn into an amazing demonstrator, very driven and committed to your work with a passion for your products that is second to none.

I am so proud of you Jobe, you deserve every single one of your awards and to be No. 10 in the Uk is just amazing.

Wishing you tonnes of success and continued growth for next year.

Much love and hugs K xx

juliejules said...

To my wonderful friend Jo, thank you for your lovely words, the feeling is totally mutual!!! Go you, was so proud of you! Jules xx

juliejules said...

But I have to say bloody hell I do look rough on that first photo!! J x